Tuesday 8 March 2011

I made these at the weekend, they were yummmerific, I say 'were'as they are all gone now. They are so easy to make...

and what a good opportunity to use my gorgeous antique plate that my friend Jean bought for my birthday. She also made me an apron to wear while baking and I totally forgot to do so....ah well I will just have to have another baking session so i can wear it.

Clotted cream really has to be the best thing from a cow ever!!!

I have made these before, and the recipe is up there ^^^ click the recipe button.


  1. Oh my giddy aunt..just had a bowl of bran flakes and these are looking uber good by comparison - I hardly need to say!!

  2. shoot.
    I just ate a fucking grapefruit.
    your stuff looks way better.

  3. Oooh I do like a nice fresh scone...cherry is my favourite...if you go to our garden centre first thing after dropping kids at school the are still warm from the oven...Oh dear I think I can feel a wee trip to the garden centre tomorrow morning....Ooops!!!

  4. They look almost too good to eat!

  5. i too just ate fruit, without cream or scone accompaniment

    I have shoe son my desk ; shoes on,

    and I am trying to think cozy thoughts . which is impossible when staring at a five inch stilletto,

    and I can't understand why i am missing your posts, I sm following too many people... I will have to rss your blog.

    i think I have had too much wine waiting for A to S