Wednesday 30 November 2011

Free classes

So today I want to tell you about a couple of friends of mine, both of whom are offering free art classes.

The first is AMY...<--- that is her blog. She also has a NING SITE. there are currently SIX free workshops/classes/weekly challenges going on at the ning site.

The newest class is a mixed media portrait class, you can watch a trailer for it here.

watch the trailer then go to the ning site and sign up to the class where you will be able to download parts one thru to five of the class...thats 6 pdf's and 18 6 thru to 8 will be posted over the next three weeks.

Amy also hosts a facebook group for mixed media artists, you can find it HERE... join up and show us what you can do...and learn from all the other great members.

Finally, there are live shows over on Amy's Linqto Channel...these are different classes to those on the ning site. All the shows are recorded, so you can catch up for free. Sometimes there are guest teachers....and it is all FREE...FREE...FREE...

and so onto my second friend....

His name is BLADE...<--- that's his blog.

Blade is currently building a studio in his hometown, and hopes to open to the public soon, offering classes and workshops and spaces for artists and groups to come and be creative.

The studio has a facebook page...CLICK LIKE... to keep up to date with all the happenings there.

Blade has set up twice weekly art lessons. On tuesday nights. it is drawing class(.6pm his time...12midnight for us in the UK) and on Wednesday nights it is painting class (same time)  These lessons take place on the OASIS USTREAM CHANNEL   the classes are free to attend live, they are also recorded and free to watch for 4 weeks. After that there is a nominal fee to download them.

So how do you get in...well if you go to Blades blog, you can sign up for the FREE NEWSLETTER  if you do that you will receive the newsletter by email, and in it you will find the password for the class channel. the password changes each week, so be sure to sign up for the newsletter and read it each week.  You can also sign up to be a paid member, that way you can download all of the classes and watch them at your leisure. The link to do that is on the blog.

Watch one of his crazy


In addition to the classes Blade also does a free weekly art journal show (different channel) again this is on ustream, it is free to join ustream, and you don't need a password to watch the show. make sure you do sign up and log in so that you can take part in the chat too. This art journalling takes place on THURSDAY NIGHTS...again 6pm his time and 12midnight for us in the uk. Don't worry if you can't stay up late, the shows are all recorded and you can catch up anytime, though it is great to watch live as you can chat along with everybody else who is watching.

So do please check out these two lovely friends of mine, who put so much of their free time and talent into creating these FREE resources for you.


  1. Yeah! YEah ! this is awesome!! Yeah!
    i'm going to stalk blade now! (in the non threatening not scary way)



  2. Thank you so much! And you were right, Amy's a hoot! And she's bonkers.