Friday 29 October 2010

Giant Jaffa Cake

This is originally, I think, a Gary Rhodes recipe. I am pretty sure I got it out of a magazine, and have been making it now for over 10 years.

130z pure orange juice, smooth not with bits in
1 orange flavoured jelly
10 oz plain chocolate
120z double cream
1 sponge flan case (large)

single cream for serving.

First line a cake tin with cling film.
Heat up a quarter of the orange juice in a jug in the microwave, add the jelly cubes and dissolve. Stir in the rest of the cold orange juice.

Pour into the lined cake tin and put in the fridge to set.

When the jelly is set, take the sponge flan case out of its wrapper and place it over the jelly, flip the whole thing over...

and you will have the jelly in the middle of the sponge.

next melt the chocolate with half the double cream, do this in a bowl over a pan of water.

Meanwhile beat the remaining cream in another bowl, until it thickens but isnt stiff like cement lol

Remove the chocolate from the heat and leave for 10 mins, then fold the cream into the choc mixture.

fold until well mixed, it will all seem quite runny at this point.

Pop in the fridge for 20 mins, this will thicken it up, then pour over the jelly and spread, so that the chocolate mix goes down into the gap between the jelly and the sponge.

Pop back in the fridge for at least 2 hours, if you cut too early the choc will be too soft and sickly. it really does need to firm up, and actually tastes better the longer you leave it.

Cut and serve with single cream.


  1. Mmm how yummy, it's making my mouth water :-)
    Anne xx

  2. ooh yeah - just got to pick up the chocolate and I am going to make this...

  3. That looks gooooooood! Just made Chocolate Guinness cake tho, better get that eaten first! x

  4. OH! that looks fab, making me hungry x

  5. OMG I am coming round to yours this weekend!!Looks yummy!!! No Whitby for us as we are low on funds! Hope your Hubby is doing ok after his accident, sorry to here that & hope your getting on with things ok! Halloween Greetings!

  6. i made it - we ate it - I have been told I will be making it again...