Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Life Book

Week 2. The aim of this week was to create a dream board, which would showcase our dreams and aspirations for the coming year. At first I wasn't inspired by this lesson, as it was mostly magazine clippings and photos collaged together. I don't mind  a bit of collage, but it isn't my favourite thing to do, so I planned on giving this lesson a miss. Then I saw that Tam had painted her dream board, instead of collaging, and I was immediately inspired and knew what I would do.

So sorry I completely forgot to take a photo of the sketch, obviously I got too excited and started to paint.

So here is  the first photo, the fairy girl is already painted and I have started on the background.

More added to the background...

and finally the doodling and finishing touches..


  1. oh she is so you....faerygirl :D I want more tas too :D 6 is just wrong some how. Beautiful soft colours :D XXX

  2. This is soooo you honey, fabulous colours and her face is so soft and pretty, love the lettering you have created too, I have just received my little tin of neocolours so will be colouring mine tonight - cant wait xxx

  3. Repeating what the others said ....this is so you!!!!

  4. I'm glad you didn't miss this week! your gal is fab! great colours and I love the doodling in the background, it really adds depth to your picture. M

  5. She is YOU to a T or maybe to an F!

  6. This is fantastic Darcy. I'm behind already lol.
    C xx