Thursday, 17 May 2012

Life Book

I thought I would show another of the Life Book pieces that I have made. I am way behind, and only have 7 completed and 2 half done out of the 20 so far..

Click here to see the first 2 pages that I made.

This is my piece from week 4.

First I collaged music paper and scrapbook paper onto my page..

Then I did a gel transfer of my own face..

next i went over the main features with a pen..

added some hair and a body..

gave myself a dress, and painted the face..

added more to the hair..

and finally added a crown..

the last part of the exercise was to fill the background with text, you cant see it well in the photo..


  1. Hahahaha....princess Darcy to cheer up my Prince Grumpy looks gorgeous in your princess dress :D XXX

  2. that is SO cool :) I love your crown :)

  3. these are wonderful, love the transition!

  4. loved seeing your process, fabulous transfer and viola! a beautiful princess.

  5. I remember this. Love this Darcy. =D

  6. Whoops. I forgot to mention. This is Kyles (Kylie Fowler). Hugs to you. =D