Friday 13 July 2012

postcard challenge

week 28 Germany.

in 1984 I took a trip to Germany, specifically to the town of Bad Urach. It was a school trip and we each stayed with a student. I stayed with a wonderful family, my exchange student was Christiane, she lived with her parent,brother and dog in an apartment underneath a local clinic.

This is where I stayed.

We spent a few days in their school, and had lots of day trips. We went to the cinema, swimming and ice skating, it really was a wonderful trip.

I was  a bit of a womble, even back then, and managed to fill a photo album and a scrapbook with tickets,receipts,leaflets,bags and various other bits of tat. So i rummaged through those for this weeks card.

For my page I used a copy of the newspaper article about us visiting the town. I also found a beer mat and some beer bottle caps in my scrapbook, but they were well stuck in, so i just had to drink a new bottle to get the labels and cap.

The circled area in the middle is where I am stood.

For my card I used one of the original cards that I bought all those years ago, this shows the town that we stayed in.

I had a great time looking through the photos and 'stuff' in the scrapbook, brought back good memories.

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  1. Oh yes, it probably is an event in Bad Urach when people come and visit them! But it is a pretty place! Nice postcard! Valerie

  2. What wonderful memories to have...and all the memorabilia to go with them :D. Will be late with mine this week as printer still off line:D XXX

  3. How lovely to have memories of your school exchanges! Bit rushed this week, my 'postcard window' was squeezed - I always make time on Mondays! Glad you had a lovely weekend though.

    Janet xx

  4. Thanks for sharing those great memories. I have always saved bits and bobs just like that since I was a child. Then I discovered scrapbooking and realised why I had been saving things for all those years! jenx

  5. Oh you have a history then, lovely to see you have a lifetime addiction!
    Fab card and cool collage elements, drinking beer in the name of art is always good!

  6. great memories. good collage and card.

  7. Henk and I went to Germany 2 years ago and stayed 3 weeks with his cousins, and I have some great memories.

  8. Darcy my best friend in high school had a German exchange student living with her during our Senior year- Wish I had a few of the cards she sent me whne she went back home (at that time their were still 2 Germanies)-I Enjoyed reading about your adventure.

  9. Super to have your original stuff and be able to relive those memories. Bit late posting this week as just back from holiday, hope to get round to look at all the other postcards tomorrow.
    Jen x

  10. How wonderful to mix your own story with your postcard art and story.

  11. Thank you sharing your memories, you really sound like you had a wonderful time. A xx