Friday, 20 July 2012

Postcard challenge

week 29 Ireland..

I started out by decorating my page. I love all things Celtic, so i first coloured the page with orange and green, the colours of the flag. I then brayered some gesso over that and then stamped lots of celtic knot stamps in different colours.

I then brayered more gesso over that and then added more orange and green.

Finally I drew a four leaf clover, coloured it with promarkers cut it out and glued it on.

Next the card...hmm well what to do. I first thought of a leprechaun, but it did seem a bit obvious..However then I got to remembering something from when I was very young.

I lived with my grandmother, she owned a boarding house. Men from out of the area would come and stay during the week,and work at the steelworks,chemical works and docks near us...and then they would go home at weekends, to places all over the country.

So one of these guys was called Aubrey, I cant remember his surname, or where he was from...we are talking 30 years ago..

Anyway this guy once told me that he had seen leprechauns in our garden, I had no idea what one was, or how they differed from fairies, or that they were from Ireland...

Once he had spun the story and had me believing, he would keep on saying he had seen them everytime he came to stay...As a child, I was desperate to see one myself lol

Isn't it bizarre the things you remember from childhood. 

so in the end I did do a leprechaun..

My story seems to have ground to a halt, I just can't get into writing it..but I will do at some point.

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  1. Love both your page and card. Lucky you to have had the little people at the bottom of the garden !! LOL A xx

  2. Love what you made. Ireland is such a lovely place. Valerie

  3. Super card and the background is lovely. Leprechauns are very mischievous aren't they? Naughty little people!

    Janet xx

  4. That cletic clover leaf is awesome to leprechauns, I read there used to be a group living around sheffield in the early 1800's...wonder if they'll move into my garden :D XXX

  5. Love your Celtic designs on your page and your leprechaun is just perfect for the wee folk in my imagination. My Dad was Irish so I can not be disbelieving of the stories of little people.
    Jen x

  6. Love your story, Darcy. Your leprechaun is very DID finally see them in your garden, didn't you??? xoxoxo

  7. Had to switch search engines to see your four leaf clover and celtic design page...FABULOUS!!!

  8. a good read. a cute leprechaun..

  9. Great card, I had to draw on my memory for a holiday my Dad I went on in Ireland many years ago. Cheers

  10. I love all the layering in your background. It really gives your work so much depth. Great job! Have a marvelous day, Connie :)

  11. I'll be back to catch up far behind reading and posting here. Sorry.

  12. Darcy love your card-
    Slow to get Blog done but IRELAND is now posted
    Off to see everyone's creations
    (BTW next week will be posted late - off the spend long weekend at Ladies retreat!)

  13. Love the leprechaun and the celtic design. Hope you can find your storyline again at some point.

  14. Hooray I've caught up!

    LOVE Ireland

  15. could't link up...:)
    but it's done :)