Monday, 16 July 2012

Raggy Bags

A while ago one of the girls in our circle group started calling us all raggy dolls, and the name stuck. So as we were due to meet up I decided to make them each a gift, for the end of the journal swap...

firstly I found some images of the Raggy Dolls from the cartoon, and drew them up. As some of the dolls are boys I had to change the to make them into 'girl' dolls.

I cut the out and painted the back of each image with transfer paints.

each one was then laid onto a calico panel...I then laid strips of paper over the doll, the strips had also been painted using transfer paints..

Everything is then ironed with a really hot iron, and you end up with the image and the background stripes transferred to the fabric.

I then added more colour and details using Inktense pencils. They are so easy to use on fabric, just colour in and wet the fabric. Once dry they are permanent.

each panel was then washed just to make sure no colour was going to run out, and then ironed. this also needed to be done to give the fabric chance to shrink before being made into bags.

Next I added embellishments of ribbons,buttons,beads,fabric etc...

I also made a little fabric journal for each of the dolls to hold..

Finally i made the panels up into bags.

I added lining fabric to each bag, and even made a pocket..

and here they are all hanging up ready to pack. 

they were a lot of work, but worth it, and I loved giving them to the girls. 

I also made a plain calico/stuffed art doll for each of the girls. I look forward to seeing how they decorate them. 

Here are some of them, I made them all different.


  1. Wow! Great ideas and I know what you mean about the work involved . I used to make dolls to sell and they take time to. I just got a new sewing machine for my birthday and my first project will be twin baby dolls for a co-work who just had twin girls.

  2. WOW what fantastic presents your bags and fabric art dolls are just fabulous. When you see what the girls do with them please, please, please post some piccies

  3. Fab to see how you made our bags up! I love mine and have used it every day since our weekend!

  4. Seriously Darcy where do you find the time to do all these projects??
    They are so amazing wish I knew someone who sews .. And it would be cool to see what everyone does with the dolls.

  5. Wow they are awesome, so much time and effort has gone into them! I'm sure the recipients will absolutely love them !

  6. The bags and dolls are wonderful, they must have been a lot of work to make. Great idea! Valerie

  7. Such a fabulous project, and wonderful gifts :D XXX

  8. i love love love my bag and am still contemplating how to do my doll!