Monday 17 December 2012

The Artful Readers Club

New challenge for 2013.

The Artful Readers Club


I have decided to do a challenge next year after all, it will be a monthly one and will involve reading books,  and making art that is inspired by the book that you have if you love reading then you might want to join in.

Basically Jan 1st you make a blog post with a commitment to read 12 books over the year. You must name the 12 books. I will make a linky that day so you can link up your choices.

They can be anything, any genre of book, but they must be books that you have not already read. For example I have at least 30 unread books in my bookcase, I will choose 12 of those and make my commitment to reading them. I have been so very remiss in reading of late and I am hoping this will give me the push I need to get back into reading.

(click thru after the break to read more and see the rules)

Maybe you have a pile of books waiting to be read, or maybe there are books you have always wanted to read but never got around to? Now is the time.

So you make your choice of 12. These will be your choices and yours alone, we will not be reading the same books.

At the end of each month (the last Friday of each month) I will provide a linky widget on my blog for you to link into.

You will link to your blog, where you have written a short review of the book, no essays, doesn't have to be long. Just tell us about it and whether you liked it or not. The idea here is to find out about  books that maybe the rest of us have never heard of.  Now the art part. You will also make a piece of art inspired/based on the book you just read.

It can be anything, a painting, a journal page, a card, a collage, a tag, a sketch, a stamped piece...anything at all...and YES digital work is welcome too.


1. Jan 1st post a list on your blog, of your 12 book choices. If you cannot name 12 then name at least 6 and name the other 6 when you can. Link your list up on my blog.

2. Read the book.

3. Write a short review, good or bad, we just want your opinion.

4. Make a piece of art that is inspired by or based on the book you have just read.

5. Blog your book review and your artwork and link up on my blog on the last Friday of each month.

6. Visit each others blogs and read about all these books and see the artwork, leave some love for each other.


Q. Do I have to name all 12 at once.
A. To play along properly , yes. But these rules are not set in stone. Make it work however you want.

Q. Do I have to decide on the order I read the books.
A. No, that would be a bit harsh lol just make your list and read them in any order that you want.

Q. Are we all reading the same books
A. No, your list is your list. We will all read different books

Q. What kind of books can I read, can they be series, can they be craft/art books?
A. Read whatever you want, as long as each book gets its own review. So if you read a trilogy then there must be 3 reviews.

Q. How thick does the book have to be
A. That's up to you, how fast can you read?

Q. I am not good at writing, how much do I need to write.
A. You don't have to be. I do not want essays, or pages and pages of writing, just a paragraph or two about the book and whether you liked it. Write it as a list of bullet points if you wish.

Q. Can I use books that I have already read, like childhood favourites.
A. No, they need to be books that you have never read. The point of this challenge is to read more/new stuff/books you have piled up waiting/book you have always wanted to read.

Q. Can I watch the movie instead.
A. No, that is cheating

Q. Can I use online book reports written by other people
A. No that is cheating, this is about getting away from the internets and reading more, and giving us your personal opinion on the books.

Q. Can I change the books on my list throughout the year.
A. I would rather you stick to your list, it gets messy if you keep changing stuff. But again these rules are not set in stone, make them work however you want. Perhaps it would help if I said you were allowed ONE substitution , which you can use at any time in the year to take a book off your list and replace it with a different one. But try not to do this more than once.

Q. What kind of art do I make
A. Make anything you want, a painting, a card, a tag, a bookmark, a journal page, a postcard, anything at all....and use whatever medium you prefer.. paint,stamps,collage,pencil,pastel, digital....anything

Q. What size art do I make
A. That is up to you

Q. Do I make the same art each month
A. That is up to you, make a card one month, a tag the next month, a page the month after....OR make the same each month, then they can be bound together at the end of the year.

Feel free to join the FB group ...HERE...   but please only join if you really do intend to take part in the challenge.

If you want a bookcase  on your blog like mine ( see it over there on the left ) then go to SHELFARI...

Who is interested in joining me?


  1. Great idea, it will give me the oppertunity to read the Kamasutra ..hmm art about that huh..

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  3. This is cool! the last couple of years Since I've join the ustream scene, I've been trying to read more. setting different challenges for myself. This year I challenged myself to read at least 1 book a month. Pretty much like your challenge. but I think I read like 4 or 5 this year. :( So I will try again next year! :D

  4. I'm in. I just need to figure out my list. One year I challenged myself to read 52 books in 52 weeks. I like the twist of art inspired by the books and the short review.

  5. I am very excited about this one! I already made my list and stacked my books...I am not sure about the order...I feel like I want to read them all in one session! But that's just how much I love books...What a great Idea DARCY!!!!

  6. The list of books shouldn't be too hard, but the Art-part is making me doubt... Will think about it! I do like a challenge! ♥

    1. The art could be anything! that is one of the cool things about this challenge no format to stick to.

  7. I'm in, though how long I'll last I don't know! x

  8. I already put my hand up for this one on Facebook, but am checking in here too. I really like this idea. Do we have to pre-choose the order that we will read the books as well as the titles, by the way?

    1. No, that would be a bit too strict lol just publish your pledge list and pick from it over the year.

  9. I think that this is a great idea. I have so many books I want to read and I love the idea for adding a bit of art to it too. So count me in !! A xx

  10. I'm in! I don't read (can't do anything else at the same time) but I love my audiobooks and they've been piling up a bit lately.

  11. FABulous 2013 Challenge...books + favorite combo...
    (I've also committed to completing my 2012 PostCard Challenge)...

  12. Definately want to give this a go... hectic year ahead already..;o)

  13. I'm in but am going to wait and see what books I get for Christmas before I decide my list ;)

  14. I'm joining too.....will have my list more than ready as I'm embarrassed by the size of the pile of books at my bedside....

  15. Count me in. This will be another breakthrough for me, I haven't read much for a very long time and I used to enjoy it so much.

    Janet xx

  16. Darcy this ticks so many boxes for me, I too have been complacent with the reading and re-reading 'favourites' so this will take me out of my comfort zone. I'll get my 12 together after Christmas in case I get a few in my stocking but if not I've got shed loads on the bookshelf that I have been 'meaning' to read! This will give me just the boost I need!

  17. Well, I'm always downloading books on my Kindle - Kindle Daily Deal, 99p or under! Had some fantastic books that way, and a good few bombers, but it's worth it.
    Will start will the books I've had for Christmas - pretty well all arty ones. Never been into this kind of thing before, so I hope I can do it.

  18. Darcy - i went to the Facebook group, but how do I actually JOIN the group? Am rather inept at social network site things. Would appreciate help, please. Jez

    1. Hi Jez if you go to the facebook group you should see a 'join' button click that and then as soon as i see it i can accept you. X

  19. Thanks Darcy - I've clicked it, and assume that it has worked even though I couldn't see anything. Will check tomorrow to see if I'm on (or IN).
    By golly it's hard to choose the 12 books when you can't remember why you bought them from Kindle!

  20. Hooray, Darcy! I'm in the line of photos at the top of the page now. I realise that I was pressing the little round thing thinking it was a button - so I pressed the words this time. I blame old-lady-itis! Thanks for your patience.

  21. I'm in! An Artful Reader challenge; how creative!

    Wish I'd thought of it!

  22. Sarah blogged about your challenge on her blog today.
    I love the idea especially as Santa brought me 2 I have had on my wish list for a couple of years.
    I will try and get organised today with my 12 Books.
    Thanks Darcy for getting this challenge up and running.
    I am not on Facebook (at the moment!) so will be popping back to see what everyone else is reading?

  23. Darcy, how do I find everyone's blog address? Taking me so long trying to do find just a few. I imagined everyone would give their blog address. (I can hear you thinking "trouble that one ...".

  24. I have now chosen my 12 books and have placed them in the sidebar on my Done at last blog using Shelfari.
    Will pop back later when I can linkin.

  25. Just found this via Catherine... will do my book list for Jan 3rd post :)

  26. I am in! I couldn't make my mind up but I know I need to read more so here I finally am :)

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    1. Having trouble getting posted here - let's try again. It'll be good to join you all :)

  28. I am interested in doing your book challenge. I am starting a month late but I did read a book for the month January I can create art for it and give it a review. Please let me know what you want me to do since I would be starting in February.

  29. Can I start this...April 1 is Monday? I realize I would be 3 books behind; but, I am a prolific reader in the summer. - Angela Kowitz Orobko

  30. Will you continue ARC in 2014? This sounds like a wonderful challenge. Like you, my reading list is miles long these days; combining a book with art would be a good way to approach it. (Come to think of it, I've already done this: When I read "The Epic of Gilgamesh" I made a guerrilla art bookmark for the library book I borrowed to read it.)

  31. I have just found your challenge. Will you continue in 2014?