Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Birthday Card

Today I had my first play with GRUNGE PASTE.. from PaperArtsy.

Usually when I want to add texture in papercrafts I use Polyfiller/Wall filler/Spackle. It can be quite stiff to work with though, and it does dry quickly so you have to work fast. Grunge paste is a dream to use, it is smooth and silky and stays wet for much longer, giving you ample time to work into it.

I took my stencil and laid it over black card. Then I pushed some grunge paste thru, smoothing it out. I used a metal spreader, but an old credit card would work just as well.

I then took a Chinese script stamp, spritzed on a little water (as per the instructions on the grunge paste pot) I pressed the stamp into the grunge paste, released it and left to dry. Once dry I painted it with matte black craft paint. 

I then did exactly the same with some small circle punchouts. Dipped in paste, stamped and painted. 

Next I gently added ROSE QUARTZ treasure gold this fabulous metallic wax adds such an amazing effect to anything it touches. I added it lightly with a finger, and then left it to dry. After about 10 minutes I was able to buff it up with a soft cloth, this really brings out the shine. 

Finally I started to construct my card. I added a piece of origami paper to my card blank, and then cut flowers from a contrasting origami paper.  

I added the small circles of treated card to the flower centres. 

I then added the metallic looking dragon. 

At an angle you can really see the shine..

just look at that scrummy texture..


  1. oooow...new thing on wish list......Grunge paste :D
    Fabulous creation yet again!!! :D XXX

  2. Wow. Love everything. I demoed v similar idea but without the stamping and using about 8 TG colours. Lol. Once polished its fab!!

  3. this is a wonderful creation!

  4. That is stunning ...so pleased you document the process ...I would never have guessed how you created it all. Thanks.

  5. Oh no ... Something else I NEED!
    Fab as always sweetie!

  6. I have also bought some of this and have been playing :) I do love how this turned out for you Dxx

  7. This is so cool Darcy, love it. Michelle x

  8. Ooh! Great use of the GP Darcy! Gorgeous card, I love the dragon! x