Wednesday 4 September 2013

Weekly Face on a Weds - Face 1

How about that for a rubbish title lol

I simply do not have the time to do daily faces, I work incredibly slowly and it puts me under too much pressure. however i really want to do more faces, practice more, learn new I plan on doing a weekly face.

So here is Face 1

After watching a show on ustream, August 2012, I started this old lady painting. For one reason or another it didn't get finished, and sat in my book for a whole year. Then Jay, who had done the original show on ustream created a pdf to go with the show, and this prompted me to finish mine.

HERE... is his blog where you can find a link to his instruction.

I am afraid mine came out nothing like his lol, but at least she is finished.

Last year I had drawn her out using a grid method.

Then I added the darkest areas..

and next mixed up several browns for her skin..

adding more and blending..this is the point at which it got left... 

So when I went back to it, I added more layers and eventually ended up with this. She is as finished as I can make her. i really don't know how to add in the wrinkles in her skin, and don't want to ruin what is there. So I am calling this one done. 

I will be back next Wednesday with another face. some weeks I will have step by step photos, and others I may just have the end photo....that will all depend on whether I have remembered to take photos along the way lol

If you would like to join in each Wednesday then blog your face and link up here. 

Darcy x


  1. She is beautiful much joy in her eyes :D I would happily join you in this project :D XXX

  2. Outstanding eyes, really draw you in. I can't draw at all so for me you are amazing! :-)

  3. Well done, I have miserably failed at most online challenges but the great thing is all the hosts (and other artists that take it on) are always understanding and just celebrate the results we are able to achieve :) Your face here is soulful, just beautiful :)

  4. I'd love to join you Darcy, as someone doing the 29 Faces - I *should* be able to have a face for every Wednesday of September at least and it will give me the push to carry on beyond.

    Do you want us doing the same face as you or just our own face? (Sorry, if it's daft question - I am blaming the heat for brain melt!)

    1. Noooo any face, people or animals i dont mind. Any technique, collage, digi, paint, sketch, use a template.. Whatever you feel you need more practise at.

  5. p.s her eyes are so beautiful Darcy - stare straight out of the screen. Very piercing.