Wednesday 8 January 2014

Weekly face (or other body parts) on Weds.

Well we have another welcome addition to the family, another beautiful baby girl. So this week,  more hands and feet. 

First I sketched out the baby feet resting in the adult hand. 

I then filled in the background with pinks and purples, added the stars and matted this onto patterned paper. 

Finally adding a sentiment rub on..

Also this week was prompt 2 of DLP (Documented Life Project) ...I still haven't done prompt 1 yet lol 

Anyhoo, this week we were supposed to include a selfie in our journals. I made a start on mine, and did the selfie bit, though I appear to have made myself look 150. No idea yet what to do with the rest of the page. I guess it is something I can come back to. 

Darcy x. 


  1. Love both. . . no matter how old you draw yourself we, your fans, know you are ageless

    and everybody says awwww


  2. I hope I look as beautiful! at 150. Your funny, you did not age out your portrait, in my opinion, 25 tops. Beautiful, xoDebi

  3. You drew both the feet & selfie as their real ages & done an amazing job!

    You are a VERY talented Lady Darcy, am always blown away by your drawings, today's are no different:-) xxx

  4. Your drawing skills are fantastic you are my hero great pictures Darcy xxx

  5. 150?? Yeah, right! You look gorgeous & I love the baby feet picture.

  6. The baby feet are amazing, what a wonderful memento for the birth,

    Lucy x

  7. Selfies are hard to do, but you did great Darcy! Love those adorable little feet too!
    Have a great week,
    Alison x