Tuesday, 6 May 2014

DLP Week 10. All about You..

or rather all about me, what makes me, me?

I wasn't quite sure what to do for this, then I remembered a picture of a giraffe sent to me by a friend {MOH}, inside the giraffe were words taken from my blog. I knew i wanted to use that, but it wasn't quite the right colours,{plus I just wanted to have a play} so i found the website and made another one. You can make one HERE.. 

So, back to the page. first I scraped on some craft paint, then stamped over that with one of Ellen Vargo's stamps.  

Next I added some kraft notepaper, and a kraft paper ruler, and the printed giraffe. 

The title text came from a magazine.. I also added a heart, some homemade tissue tape, a tissue flower and some painted lace. 

The finished page.. I added a little background stamping with one of my own stamps.. 

I like this page, it really is all about me. The giraffe { I love giraffes}is filled with words taken from my blog, the background is created with colours I love and stamps that I love. 

It shows how I like to make my own embellies instead of buying them, such as the tissue tape, tissue flower, covered button..

It also shows my love of text, numbers and hearts. 

It also shows my love of dots and fabric..

Definitely all about me.. What does your page say about you? 

Darcy x


  1. Great page, Darcy, love it!

  2. Love the background stamping (wink!) ! Great page, Darcy!

  3. love the page...I will have to try one and see what my page says about me

  4. This is great, Darcy. Is that a drawing of Colin?

    Lucy x

  5. Glad the giraffe was some use! Great page, it's wonderful and definitely you :-) xxx

  6. Great Page Darcy love how you have made all the elements and how you brought them all together. Xx

  7. Great page. Your giraffe with words make the usual unusual