Sunday 11 May 2014

DLP Week 13

yep I know, I have still skipped a few weeks, still waiting to get my machine out to do week 8, and weeks 11 and 12 are started but not finished yet... however week 13 is finished, so I thought I would show you.. 

The prompt was to get someone else to start the page for you, and then you finish it... easy right? I asked my best friend Jay to start my page.... notice I said best friend there, you would think he'd start something easy for me... hmmmm

This is what I got, a goblin and a monster playing chess... really?

he said I should think myself lucky I didn't get the pyramid of dogs...


Sooooo. I taped some deli paper to a piece of printer paper, and put that through the printer to get a printed image.. I cut around it fairly close to the image. 

I prepared my page with acrylic paint and a little stencilling, then I glued in the image using matte medium. The deli paper almost disappears, leaving just the printed outlines of the image on show. you can do this with tissue paper too, but deli paper is stronger. 

So that was the page started, now I had to finish it.. I used craft paints.

more paint..

and some bic crystal pens  and papermate inkjoy pens

monsters all done.. 

I then surrounded them with flowers made with offcuts and waste paper. 

Just goes to show, you can work with anything if you put your mind to it.... even with monsters playing chess! 

Darcy. x


  1. This is fantastic, Darcy. Love how one has a friendly face and the other a scary one! Who won the game?!

    Lucy x

  2. Beautiful image and colours, think your best friend did you proud! Great DLP page:-) x

  3. I love how you took something out of your wheelhouse and made it a Darcy project. ☺

  4. This is fab Darcy, who won the chess game & I'm loving the pyramid of dogs!
    C xx

  5. Too cool! Love the printing onto the deli paper (by which I'm guessing we mean plain old greaseproof paper?) - so clever - and I love how you incorporated the image into this fabulous, fantastical page.
    Alison xx

  6. Love this, it's really great haha :) Coco x

  7. Well done. Great page from an interesting start. Actually quite like pyramid of dogs.....