Thursday 7 May 2015

Colouring in...

Dede style...

Do you know Dede Willingham? she is a very talented and lovely lady who gives her time and experience freely online. She host a regular live show on Ustream, and uploads the recordings to Youtube. Last week she invited people to colour in alongside her. 

On her blog she offered this sketch of 'Amelia', which the viewers were advised to print out onto tan coloured paper.  {print this sketch}

Then over the course of 3 days, and 3 live shows, Dede showed how she would colour in a portrait... and the viewers coloured along with her. 

If you love faces, or colouring in or you are a beginner looking for tips then I urge you to print out the sketch and follow along. 

It has been ages since I did a face, there has just been so much other stuff to do. I have definitely missed it, so thought I would play along. it isn't my preferred style, but it is always a good thing,I think, to try new styles.. and to see how other people work. You can always pick up lots of handy tips to use in your own work. 

So for a bit of fun, and just to generally join in, I decided to print out the sketch and follow along. 

This is the sketch, remember I did not draw this, it is a print out of Dede's sketch. 

Dede also gives a list of colours to use, I have a mix of Prismas and Derwent Coloursoft. 

To get Dede's list of colours and numbers go HERE{from 5 mins onward}

These are the colours that I had. 

White, Black, Dk Grey, Mid Grey, Blue Grey
Dk Brown, Burnt ochre, Terracotta, Rose
Purple, China Blue,Caribbean Sea Blue, Sky
Indigo, Yellow Ochre,Peach,Lt.Peach
Ginger Root, Peach Beige

Make them nice and sharp. 

Doing the eyes first, then adding white highlights. 

You will also need acrylic paint as an undercoat for the dress and bow. This is where we got to at the end of video 1. 

Doing the hair and a little shading on the face. 

Love,love those eyes. 

This is where we got to at the end of Video 2. 

and here is the finished portrait, it really was fun to play along. Thankyou Dede. 

Next week, Dede is doing another colour-along class, and this time she is drawing me!

Come and play along. HERE is Dede's Ustream channel. 

Darcy x


  1. I don't really enjoy colouring in, but this is so well done!

  2. Fantastic Darcy! Will watch the videos later. Sue C x

  3. Fabulous Darcy, thank you for the links, something i will definitely go and watch! Why don't you enter Kim Dellow's Friday faces it closes in 21 hours so you have time and i know she would love you to join in :-) xxx

  4. Wow Darcy! This looks fantastic!!!!!! I have loved watching Dede work on's so amazing to watch that beautiful little face come to life on an piece of paper!

  5. Darcy, that came out beautiful!

  6. Hey Up Darcy, so glad you have linked up your amazing face this week (thanks Mo!) and with steps...oooo that is great thanks! Did you manage to get some reading and work done in the end? I could not stop thinking about ice cream flavours all day! :)

  7. I live to watch De De do her portraits! Yours looks great! I need to go watch the the videos!

  8. I am doing DeDe portraits watching her videos, so looking forward to doing your portrait.

  9. That looks wonderful! Thanks for the links to DeDe's blog.