Monday 21 March 2016

Blooming Birthday

Today I have a sweet birthday card for you. I started by scraping Blue Oyster and Lilac onto a card, I left bit of the card showing thru to add a third colour. 

Over this I added a light coat of Snowflake using a brayer. This adds highlights, unifies the other colours and adds texture. 

With Sky Blue Archival ink I stamped the text from EDY19, just randomly and not fully, I wanted a more patchy effect. 

Next I stamped the cherry Blossom tree using Watering Can Archival ink. 

 Each of the dots was covered with Orchid Fresco, and then a tiny white dot added with a Posca pen. 

I stamped the spikey flower from EDY18 onto Orchid, DollyMix and Honey Dew. 

Each flower was cut out, the honey Dew one was left full size, the Dolly Mix had a little trimmed off each petal, and the /orchid one had even more trimmed off. This graduates them nicely. 

Where the little dashed lines were cut off I added them back in with a grey fineliner. Don't forget if you are creating a dimensional flower to colour the back of the petals as they will stand up and you don't want to see the white backs showing. I coloured the back of my petals with a Promarker. 

I also dug in my stash of leaves and found these ones, they are from EDY11, and the text is from EDY06. 

I love mixing up the sets, they all work so well together. 

Before adding the embellishments I also added a little more stamping to the background. Using the small splotchy stamp from HPXT01 I stamped randomly with Turquoise Fresco paint. This ties in and matches the brad in the centre of the flowers. 

I love how much height you can get on layered flowers. 

In fact the flower is so deep it won't fit into an envelope, I have had to make a box envelope for it. 

Remember these stamps are all available now from your favourite PaperArtsy retailer. 

Darcy x