Saturday 27 February 2010

Week six in my year of cakes, yeah I know I am 2 weeks behind already lol there just aren't enough hours in the day to eat this much cake hahaha.

So this is pear,hazelnut and chocolate, the recipe is from the BBC goodfood website, it was very easy to do and turned out lovely.

No craft stuff this week, I have been wallpapering the livingroom, the paper has been a nightmare. i only got 3 drops from each roll and had to go buy another 4 rolls , the match has bee really bad too, parts of it match and other parts don't...*sigh* I am so glad it is on, but I am sick of the sight of it now lol I need to stay out of there for a few days till i am no longer angry at it haha
So thats pretty much it for the decorating in there, just a couple small jobs left to do. We still need some furniture, the sofas arrived and a coffee table and tv are on order, but we still need a bookcase and a cabinet...who knows when we will get those as Ian is soon to be out of work. Ah well it will all work out in the end I guess, and I have waited for 5 years to have it all decorated, I can wait a bit longer. The bedroom, craft room, livingroom and bathroom are all done now...just the hall,stairs,kitchen and dining room to go....maybe in another 5 years it might all be done hahaha


  1. My goodness - you have been busy! Cake looks lovely - might have to have a go at making that one :)

  2. The cake looks so yummy.I bet you were cursing having to buy the extra paper .... well atleast its finished. Sorry to hear about Ian ...hope things work out . DS lost his job when 'Boarders' went down...he looking but not too hard for a couple of months so he can help with the boys and enjoy watching them develope.

  3. Cake looks good!... we need pictures of your wallpaper please!

  4. Ooo...that cake looks very good. It sounds like you have been extra busy. Take a break and have a rest today. TFS. ~Glen~

  5. That cake looks yummy, fancy a cup of tea? lol