Saturday 21 August 2010

So, my son is home for a while...with a lot of stuff. I do not have a garage or a shed, so my dining room is always full of stuff that has no home, and is now even more full. We looked at the large plastic storage boxes/mini sheds in the DIY shop and decided we had room in the garden for one of those...but how to get it home? the shop is only 5 mins away by car, but they wanted £20 delivery. So yesterday, OH and son and son's friend went off to get it, most of it went in the car, but the back piece wouldn't this is how it came home...

Son(at back) n friend(at front) walked home, around 15 mins with it on their heads, as you can see it was raining...but not just any old light summer shower, oh no, this was torrential, and they looked like drowned rats when they got here.

Banging and hammering are taking place right now as OH and son put said box thingie together.

Also yesterday i popped up to the quilting shop about half an hour away from us. They have quite a nice selection of fat quarters, and i was able to take in my new dress and shoes (for the wedding I am going to) and find 3 pieces of fabric that coordinate well.

I came home and 4 hours later, had this pretty little bag, all ready to take with me down to London.

The blue fabric has flowers in cream, made up of tiny dots. The cream bow fabric has tiny off white dots on it, and the lining is a dirty pink.....i don't do pretty pink, and it took me ages to find a pink that I could live with lol

I have a tiny scrap of blue and pink left and a bit more of the cream left, so today i shall make a matching coin purse...and then I need to make some sort of bracelet, and then i will be all set...apart from big knickers! i need big knickers to keep all my flabby bits in order. My dress is long and light and floaty and i really don't want my wobbly bits floating around too.

So purse today, maybe bracelet tomorrow, hairdressers on tuesday, packing on weds, a sewing day out with friends on thursday, and friday off to the between all that i still have 14 bags for Moldova to make.

here is tomato watch...i now have 3 bunches on toms on each plant, big ones at the bottom, some small/med toms half way up the plants and just in the past few days i have some tiny ones at the top of each plant. The big ones are rock hard and very heavy, but so far still very green. I am feeding them twice a week, very excited that we might actually get to eat them soon.


  1. so do you see the green slim of jealousy running down my chin!? I love your bags/ are a very talented artist...hugs...

  2. The bag is gorgeous...I love it Darcy - you are very talented...I am useless at sewing!!! So jealous but in a nice the rest of your weekened...Kirsti x

  3. Put him in the attic! That's a lovely bag.. need to see the dress too!

  4. Hmmm - it is good to have Son(s) back - just a shame they bring all their belongings with them isn't it!

    gorgeous bag - did I say? GORGEOUS BAG

    and I agree with you on the big saftey pants philosophy!

    will you be too busy to do us a recipe this week? - my chaps have started to look forward to your cooking days - it means they get a nice treat...sorry if I don't always leave a thank you comment - i sometimes lose track and 'think' Iv'e commented when I haven't!


  5. Yet another beautiful bag.

    Yours toms are looking good. My neighbour gave me 3 plants ...two didnt really do anything but the third is covered in little trusses of mini plum toms ...cant wait til they ripen.

  6. I know what you mean about kids and their stuff, and I havent even got a dining room or a shed! Luckily mine stayed at manchester this summer, your bag is soooooo forgeous I just love the style, are they hard to make? xx

  7. That bag is gorgeous! I'm VERY jealous...will we get to see a pic of the whole outfit? Your story of your son plus mountains of stuff made me laugh as every time I went home from uni for the summer I'd have accumulated more and more stuff - my dad would despair every time he came to get me!

  8. just love the bag - was watching gardeners world on bbc2 this week and they advised to cut off tomato leaves to help fruit ripen - then all you will need is sunshine!

  9. Love the bag........would have taken me more that 4 hours :)