Friday 20 August 2010

Do you have postcards? do you have a lot of postcards?

I do, it would appear to be impossible for me to go to the cinema without picking up the free postcards. I have been doing this for ages, without any real purpose. Though they are handy for writing a quick note on to pop in with parcels.

This is half my stack...I recently gave the other half away.

I decided i wanted to do something with them, so I picked this one out....ready to alter. My thought was that i could alter lots of them and then collage them together....or not...

So i firstly covered it with gesso, which i then wiped off in sections to reveal the flag behind. I inked and sprayed over the gesso. I cut out a dress-up dolly and stuck her on, and gave her some gold leaf wings. At this point i decided to pop this one in a parcel going to USA, so I added USA number plates to the top and bottom.

I added distress stickles, and text. i coloured the dress with prismas.

I doodled and stuck on a flower. It's fairly grungy and messy and was so much fun to mess around with, it is by no means a pretty piece of art lol

I finished off by rubbing gold wax over the edges. then off it went in its parcel.

So now, what to do with the rest of the postcards...


  1. What a fantastic idea! That looks amazing!

  2. Fabulous I shall be picking them up wherever I go and encourging the kids to do the same - I am always saying put them back as they just end up cluttering up my a great weekend. Kirsti xxx

  3. it's my kind of pretty = fab ulous art - Do More

    Everyday - and more recipies
    cannot spelll
    and bags

    and purses
    more more more I Say...


  4. Love that... only 685 to go then?

  5. Ooh fabulous and what a great idea, we love freebies ;-)
    BTW I have a pair of jeans if you still need more denim - was going to say that a few weeks ago but thought perhaps I should really make a bag for your cause myself :-/
    Anne xx

  6. a fabulous idea, and fabulous art work. Perhaps continue to decorate some more?

  7. Oooh that's lovely what a great use of all those postcards - I've got a carrier bag of beer mats - all exactly the same that I sometimes set too on - but then lose heart - this might just kick start it again for me!

  8. Ooooh. When I see such nice neat stacks of similar sized items I imagine punching 2 holes on the side and making books out of smaller stacks of them with rings. You could journal on the back of them as is or embellish them thick or thin. (Probably not too lumpy if they r meant to be pages of a book.) A very inspiring stack! Have fun!

  9. Very nice - I'm liking the 'grungy not pretty' art. x

  10. Brilliant use of something that most people probably just walk past - I'll definitely be forcing hubby to go to the cinema more so I can check out their postcards! x

  11. What a coincidence... I just made a post on my blog of how I make little pillow boxes out of those free postcards I find at the cinema.

  12. That is a fabby idea Darcy, really gorgeous, Ive been toying with the idea of palying with postcards for a while but never really knew what to do. Perhaps we were separated at birth :D