Tuesday 28 December 2010

Knitted headwrap...using leftover sock yarn.

For a few years I have been making socks, and fingerless gloves for myself, always from a 100g ball...always with a little bit left over. so I now have a bagful of this little leftover balls. Depending on my original sock pattern there is sometimes enough left over to make a pair of baby socks, however I rarely have need for baby socks lol

So in my quest to use up leftovers, I came up with this.

This is the front of the headwrap.

and a view showing the inside and the back closure.

Here folded in half so you can see the shaping.

and finally the button closures.

Using 4mm needles and sock yarn used double.

Cast on 12 sts

1st row. K1.K2.P2.Moss stitch 2 sts.P2.K2.K1
2nd row.K1.P2.K2.Moss stitch 2 sts. K2.P2.K1

cont in pattern for 6cm, then on the right side inc 1 st either side of the moss stitch panel, making the moss stitch panel now 4 sts wide.

cont in pattern, incorporating the extra sts into the moss stitch patterning.

When work measure 12cm, inc again by making 1 st either side of the moss stitch panel, which is now 6st wide.

Inc again at 14cm, moss stitch now 8sts wide.

Inc again at 16cm, moss stitch now 10sts wide.

Work in set pattern till piece measures 30cm long.

Dec 1 st each side of the moss stitch panel, now 8sts wide.

Dec again at 32cm, moss stitch panel now 6sts wide

Dec again at 34cm, moss stitch panel now 4sts wide.

work pattern as set to 40cm, dec 1 st either side of moss stitch panel, now back to original 2sts wide.

work a further 6cm in pattern.

work 3sts, then yarn over needle and work 2 sts together. work 3 sts, then yarn over needle and work 2 sts together, work last 2 sts.

next row, work in pattern, this now gives you 2 small button holes.

Cast off , weave in the yarn ends.

On the cast on end, use the yarn ends to stitch on 2 small buttons.

Sorry about this last pic, it was late at night and just using my phone, but you get the idea of how the wrap looks when wearing it.


  1. A fab way to use up your odds and ends, and it looks great

  2. Looks fabulous honey...and well done on using up the scraps!!...xx

  3. Hey Darcy I'm playing catch up - your blog articles in the run up to Christmas have been marvellous - both the cupcake recipes are already written out for trial while i'm on hols, thank you! Love your knitting too - the headband is a great idea, as is the pom pom scarf, bet your friends were delighted with your skilled and lovely gifts.

  4. How clever! Looks fabby. And also thank you so much for explaining the pom pom scarf to me - definitely going to have a go :)