Friday 14 January 2011

52 Pages Wk 2

here is my page for wk2 of my 52 pages, the prompt word was 'Filter'

see the button ^^^ up there for all the prompt words and questions, I will add them all in there as I do them so they are all in one place.

I started by spraying my cardstock and a coffee 'filter'. I used Dylusions sprays, very impressed them. As you can see I used a very high tech cardboard box/spraying unit!

I also used some stencils from book called 'Stencil Me In'

At this point the battery died, so no more stages lol just the finished result.

On the front , I layered up the sprayed coffee filter, torn up, onto the card stock. i stamped onto some other sprayed card, tore that up and stuck that along the bottom.

Then I printed out some i pod icons onto photo paper, cut them out and stuck them on, and finally layered on some strips of acetate that i had printed a circuit board onto.

The back, again is sprayed and stencilled. Then i added my cut out printed journalling. I spritzed the whole of the back with some 'Shimmerz'. I printed out a circuit board on photo paper and cut it into thin strips, this was glued around the journalling blocks to frame them.

Here is the paper from inside my spraying box, how pretty is that. I will leave it in there a couple more times and then cut it up to use.

don't forget if you are playing along, leave a link in the comments so we can see your work.


  1. Love it! It looks so awesome the circuit board, totally cool!

  2. I'm playing, love your interpretation, and I have had a fab week just thinking 'you are out' 'you are in'
    I am going to filter things out of my brick built garden /room thing /shed whatnot at the weekend...inspired by the thought of a kind of an art gallery thing...

  3. should i put does it make it easier?

  4. That's really cool, love the circuit board paper

  5. Just had a great catch up on your blog ...congrats to your clever son ...loved your outfit and had to smile at the pencils in your ears son had a friend who enlarged the holes with SS rings but wore flamboyant ones at other times ...dan would have loved the

  6. Okay. I think I'd like to jump on this bandwagon, please. May I? I'll "ketchup" if you let me.
    Okay. Tell me if I can, cuz I wanna.

  7. Wow, love your page, the circuit board effect is fab!

  8. great work there, love that you will use the paper from your spraying box :)

  9. Loving that Darcy, it's such a good way to think about all the stuff that drives us crazy in life and to do something positive about it. Great stuff.

  10. I played over here:

    Really LOVED this one, Darcy. <3