Monday 17 January 2011

52 Pages 2011

Page 3. Acknowledge.

Definition=Recognize the fact or importance or quality of …

Acknowledge yourself, what makes you so wonderful, beacause you are you know! What are your best qualities, how have you strived to achieve these positive traits? It’s OK to think that you are a good person, that your work IS good enough. What do YOU like about YOU?


  1. oddly today I am working on acknowledgment of diagnostic testing - how's that for serendipity - might be able to use some of my real work in my Art work...

    hee hee there we go there's one thing - I like the way I use things from one place and transfer it in or out of context for another. I am a natural born re user of Stuff.

    I made peanut butter cookies last night and thought of you - must be time for a new year recipe? See you Friday if not before, miss you on Weds BTW.


  2. Very thought-provoking post ... I like the way I will walk along difficult edges with people. :)