Monday 24 January 2011

52 Pages2011

Page 4.Build.

Definition=Establish and develop (a business, relationship, or situation) over a period of time .

With a solid foundation anything can be achieved, this is especially true of relationships.Are you building right now? How are your foundations? Maybe you are not building, but mending? A strong friendship can take the knocks and come back stronger. What can you do each day to build or mend?


  1. Dude. I am Such. A. Dork.
    I seriously am just now (no really, one of the layers is drying as I type this) working on my First week.
    where the hell does time go?
    why did you take out your dreadlocks?
    put those bastards back in and we can be twins. Except that you don't procrastinate.

  2. Build ... Mmm, as we are just coming to the end of a problematic nine-month building project here, 'build' does not have very positive connotations for me. I could go with create, though ..! Or nourish ... Right now, spending time with does both.

  3. Oh Darcy i am surrounded by men who do not talk, I get quite expressive grunts and can hold a conversation if it is expressed in facial expressions rather than as vocalisations known as language. thank God for my women friends..

    See you Friday if not before...


  4. Thanks for the prompt Darcy. I don't have an art journal but I do have a diary/journal and I try to write in it every day. However, the prompt seemed to have a little message for a horoscope for today! *Ü* TFS. ~Glen~