Wednesday 2 February 2011

Do you remember the photo from THIS POST ? don't click if you are squeamish....lots of people clicked when I posted it and you all went 'eeeeeeeeewh'

well Derwent pencils thought it was a great photo and I won a tin of pencils from them lol and here they are, all shiny and new!

I have made myself an art portfolio, to keep sketches and paintings in. It was a rather large project and I took tons of photos, far too many for one post. So if I can ever get the 2min video to upload to youtube, I will show you the vid, and then post photos and destructions of how I made the various sections over the next few days.
This is the outside.
and this is the inside..
So if you need someplace to store your sketches, or you have a budding artist in the house, or a teenager going off to art college, you might want to check back here to see how i made it.


  1. That portfolio is absolutely gorgeous - please share how you made it soon - pretty please!

  2. Stunning portfolio....I am not an artist but it is always good to learn things so I will be back in the next days to see how you made it!
    Lovely, lovely art!

  3. Good on Derwent for sending you some freebies for the ewwwwww pic :) Although I was one of the few who didn't ewwwww, plenty of stretched lobes in my house, used to them.

    That portfolio is fab!

  4. 1. I have resisted stretching my lobes... I have heard it can smell bad. But I heard the same thing about septums and mine smells like normal.
    2.WTF free pencils?!
    3. I LITERALLY had a dream about the portfolio last night, so I guess I need to get busy and copy that guy...
    The thing is that I couldn't understand jackSHIT (i said shit on your blog) on multiple call, so I will have to ask you some stuff all over again.
    Sound good?
    Rock on.