Tuesday 22 February 2011

It was the lovely Claire's birthday at the weekend, so I made her a headband like mine to keep her unruly locks in place lol As she is very fair haired I went with a pink and purple theme. I really love making these, they turn out so sweet.

This is the card I made for her, it started with a manga style drawing.

Coloured in using promarkers and Derwent pencils.

Then I used some hand painted papers that I made a while back, to create a background on a white linen card.

Finally I cut the drawing out and glued her onto the background, made a matching tag and voila!


  1. Loving the headband - it's gorgeous!!!

    Kirsti xx

  2. And I loved them Darcy, Thank you so much. I've got my headband on now - although my hair is still trying to escape lol

  3. Love both the headband and card. Different to the flowery girly cards usually seen. :)

  4. Love the Manga style girl - your colouring is great. Like how the card and tag match the headband (which is also gorgeous!). x

  5. Stunning artwork, love the colours, gorgeous headband, fabulous flowers ;-)
    Anne xx

  6. Hm.
    I have been doing something weird and creepy.
    I have been trolling your blog but not commenting. I'd better stop that. It's an odd habit. Now I'm here, but I am distracted and my heart is not in this comment because I have still not gotten out of my sleeping cap and robe from last night.
    Also, I have some stuff to do, and my kids just got home.
    I have
    why I am telling you this.

    I don't have you pegged for a manga girl.

    Everyone is surprising me today...
    I'm surprising me.
    I need to shut up.
    Are you well enough to skype yet?
    I swear I'll take off the sleeping hat.

  7. Fun work to see, Darcy!! Good job!