Sunday 3 April 2011

52 pages 2011

Fooled... well this page had me fooled, it was a nightmare to do, kept going wrong and I pretty much hate it...or at least don't love very much of it. But here it is in all its ugly glory. After trying to explain to Mad cat sheriff woman about the wonderous properties of a powder paint called Brusho...I of course got the said paint out. I ended up mopping up the debris on my desk with a baby wipe... It dried and I stuck it to my far so good. I really liked this bit. As usual I got bored waiting for it to dry so I zapped it with the heat gun...and as usual it started to melt....never saw that coming huh?

But thats ok, I like the melty look. I also had my text sorted, just needed an image. I spent hours of my life that I will never get back looking for something suitable. I gave up and used these. Thought I would be clever and print them on tissue paper again, used a bit of white that was hanging around, and it missed the tissue paper and printed half on the backing paper...pfft So because i couldn't be bothered to get my box of tissue paper out and find another white piece, I used some dressmaking pattern tissue. turned out lovely... well after getting it jammed in the printer, which then needed a bit of poking. just cos i did it once ok, and just cos Amy copied me, doesn't mean it is a foolproof technique ok...just saying!

so I tore out the image and the word, and glued the on. Instant disappointment, it was all too dark. and got even darker when i sealed it all with matte medium. It would have been fine on white tissue, the pattern tissue was just too dark.

Undeterred i ripped up some brusho painted paper into strips and covered the back, adding in some water colour pencil. then I went to print out my journalling and the flippin printer would no longer recognize the ink cartridges...I am pretty sure this has nothing to do with the poking of earlier. So I had to write out my journalling, and I hate my writing, so I was getting more and more annoyed with the whole thing. I also kept getting bored with it and going to play on twitter, where a good friend was keeping me amused. I also zapped another bit of baby wiped and glued that to the back. i really do like the melty texture...

I went back to the front, added my title...blah blah really hate it can't be bothered etc

and the journalling on the back.

so yeah, a bit of an epic fail...and I might need a new printer!

ohhh ffs, now blogger has my text and photos all over the shop...I give in! Edit to add...Printer is working again but I have run out of ink!


  1. Oh bless it's like the craft items knew you were doing the word 'fooled' - take a deep breath and now breathe - I like it - and wouldn't stress about your writing it's just part of you. Love the tissue paper image - haven't played with brusho paints to the point of melting them - now where's that heat gun! Hope you have a great day!



    yep I jammed my pritner with tissue too,

    the Amy she is BADDDD, although she did warn that you have to be vigilant and supervise the printer whilst it is in action

    I kind of like Hate Pages - by including them it says "nothing will beat me when I Do Art"...


  3. i don't actually know what a pritner is... but I think I jammed that too

  4. I am pretty sure that in order to not get the printer to jam you have to go pee while it is printing on the tissue.
    when it starts to jam yell (from the toilet, of course)
    no NO NONONONONONO motherfucker!
    that usually works out for me.

    otherwise I just get really pissed off at my printer and call the huz at work because my neighbor is an incompetent retard and can't unjam my printer for me.

    Shit! I love the idea of printing on dressmakers paper...

  5. this is fab i love the texture, why is it printers never work when you want them too !!!!

  6. Hahahahaha! Just found you "ladies". Must try that new technique for jamming up printers :D XXX

  7. Just found you, as well! And at least you're having fun!! Off to try and find WEEK ONE
    - vicki xo