Sunday 10 April 2011

Box of Mitzi glee


these are rigid plastic, i think they will make great stencils, maybe even emboss??? as well as being good dangly things.

Fibres!!, love me some fibres, these will be especially good in machined cords.

Another composition book!!! and yes Donna because you begged so sweetly and all puppy dawg like, with your lil paws up on the screen, you can have this one. there are also some plastic sheets which will be perfect for cutting stencils.

these are masks, they are thin foam, which peels off, so you can stick it to a page and then spray over huh? Tim Holtz aint got nothing on this little lot lol

More stencils...

and masks!!!

and more stencils.....

alphabetical glee!!! with a piece of shiny card behind so you can see it.

more stencils...

I am in stencil heaven, I can't wait to have a messy,painty day.


  1. OK why can't we all have a Mitzi - how big was the box she sent - all of the items are totally and utterly gorgeous! And in answer to your question I'd love some stamped Celtic images - because I love all things Celtic!


  2. Oh yummy - I can't wait till you have a painty day either! Those 'place anywhere' foam masks a re a great idea.

  3. What!!? Are you sure "Mitzi" isn't a pseudonym for Mary Poppins?? How are all these things coming out of 1 box??? I could do with some tips on packing from Mitzi :D XXX

  4. stencils!


  5. I bet you know have a stencil for everything hehehehe love the fibers YUM

  6. what happens if you heat rigid plastic???


  7. Oh my word, what a great box! An envying you those fibres and stencils in particular! Hope you have a glorious time with it all ...