Tuesday 5 April 2011

Glee and giftage...

Have you ever heard of a lady called Mitzi? no? really, well you are sure gonna wish you had. Mitzi is my friend, I know ...really I do have friends!

I got to know her randomly and completely by accident from watching 'arts and craft' shows on ustream. Mitzi is funny, I mean really,really funny. We swapped recipes, we chatted on shows, we skyped, and before long it was like we had always know each other. You are so gonna want to be friends with her too.

You can find her on Twitter but also on Ustream...http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mitzi-s

There are no saved shows, you will just have to watch out for impromptu streamage.

Mitzi's shows are the absolute best art shows that don't actually contain any art! Mainly they are a bunch of friends hanging out in Mitzis house, drinking coffee and talking shit

But it's the best kind of shit, the kind only great friends can share....and boy does Mitzi share! have I mentioned she is awesome, and you really must be friends with her!

back in way,way ages ago, mitzi decided to send out a ton of RAKS to her friends, i was lucky enough to be on that list, and my box of utter glee and wonderment came today. i thought I would share it with you.

But as there is so much of it, like seriously this box is an uber box, I will only be opening a couple of bits each day

This is the box opened, everything inside is wrapped in dressmaking paper, I love it! do you love it too?

Firstly there was a layer of loose pattern paper, left over from the mammoth wrapping session that Mitzi must have had,oh i am gonna love using all this paper.

The first unwrapped gift was this Basic Grey (SWOON) paper pad, I luuuurve BG, no really I do. I know the ustream girls are wetting themselves laughing at this point. My love for the BG knows no bounds. There will be much strokage, and cooing over this paper pad...and you know i mean it lol

Next gift unwrapped contained all these foam stamps, these are fabulous. I will use them for backgrounds in journals and for making my own papers, the possibilities are endless!

just look at all the designs, ahhh such glee

Mitzi, my love you are just heavenly, with the truest biggest heart.Thankyou sooooo much! Come back tomorrow folks to see what I unwrap next.


  1. turd.

    (said in the very nicest way, of course)


    i need a box of glee.

    actully, I'd settle for my stupid fucking asian circle stamp that i lost today.

    or a box of glee.


  2. Yes, Mitzi is the sweetest, kindest person and your post is, in return, so sweet and kind! You both RAWK!

  3. I love Mitzi, she's so generous and you are so deserving!

  4. what a lovely friend, wow that is one box of booty, cant wait to see what other treasures are lurking in there xxxx

  5. OMG! With friends like her, who needs a credit card!! This stash is going to last for ages :D Much love to your fabulous friend XXX

  6. Mitzi is the best! Dunno how you are managing to open only a couple a day, I ripped my box open and ended up in the middle of a pile of paper and ribbon and goodies!

  7. You guys are so silly, rip thru that darn box and get on with it!!!

  8. Mitzi does make me chuckle on Twitter, what a fab friend she is Darcy, enjoy unwrapping all those little parcels :D