Friday 8 April 2011

Mitzi box day 3

First up is a gigantic,mahoosive roll of packing tape, wider than even the biggest ones I have seen over here. perfect for doing packing tape transfers. On top is a roll of cotton surgical tape, I have been wanting some of this for EVER!

next is a composition book, i know Mitzi bought a hundred gazillion of these to give to all her friends lol. I can't wait to start journalling in it.

but look what was hidden in the pages...alphabet stencils lol all sneakily tucked throughout the book!

more stamps, loving these foam stamps so much!

Finally for today some K&Co letters, again with my love of alphas and text these are just perfect!!

Much love Mitzi...

I haven't done my 52 page..well i have but it is shit, so much more shit than last weeks, that i am not posting it. it will be yelled atand thrown in the bin.I might even send it to Amy to throw in her bin.... a new one will be made, today, I think...but it is Lush Friday. so i will be heavily under the influence...


  1. Am watching this gift unfold in awe. Wow. You are so lucky!

  2. This gift is amazing - how big a box did it arrive in? Still green with envy and more stencils and a book and more stamps!

  3. hahhahaa

    I thought mine was shit this week but posted anyway -

    there are seven grades of shit by the way - must send you a scale - how do I convince Mitzi I am her best friend so I can get my hands on one of those composition books???


  4. the Bristol stool scale!

    I thought I was the only person on earth who is terminally amused by the Bristol stool scale :)

  5. What amazing stuff Mitzi has sent you!! I wouldn't think to use half that stuff for crafting, so glad I found you guys :D Thought you might like to see my first4 catch up pages.
    So how many legs are there on a Bristol Stool? Is it like a milking stool? :D XXX

  6. Bristol Shit Scale for Artists is now official and posted on my blog ....


  7. More gorgeous stuff, the stencils are fab i cant get enough of them