Monday 2 May 2011

52 pages 2011

Page 18. Indulge

What does this mean to you, do you indulge others in their desires and behaviour good or bad… or do you indulge yourself, with treats…what treats would they be? Do you over indulge? Or do you have self control?

sorry for lack of last weeks page, not feeling too good. I have it planned and will get it done soon.x


  1. Sorry you are unwell ...hope feel better soon

  2. Get well soon! It didn't have anything to do with 'indulging' & left over Easter Chocolate I hope? I wish I could 'indulge' myself by exercising LOL!

  3. Grief!! I'm gonna need a whole book for this one !! Hope your feeling better soon Darcy :D XXX

  4. hey hot stuff, i didn't get my last week's page done yet.

    i am going to though.

    are you ill? :(

  5. ooh will try not to over indulge ( so little self control) I had no excuse and have done my pages and even finally remembered to post them,, also I checked out the groovy viking with whom I was very impressed - I certainly would have fell in the river...

    are you well enough for callers?

  6. Hope you will be better soon ...

  7. HERE is my page.
    Hope it finds you well! :D XXX