Monday 16 May 2011

52 pages 2011

Firstly thankyou for all your good wishes, I am feeling much better. I am very tired though, but trying to get back on top of things.... so many projects to catch up on. I will post all 3 of my catch up pages this week. One is done and 2 are half

Page 20. Endeavour

Definition=attempt to achieve something.
Are you willing to try anything? And what if you fail first time, do you give up, or try,try try again?


  1. so glad you are getting weller, could you change the link for me as a participant on your blog as I have moved site?...



  2. Ah hun I thought you were a bit quiet - hoping you are starting to feel a little better. Just came over to find out what words I'm missing as on a bit of a catch up - just finished indulge which has been thought provoking! Off to have a think about describe and endeavour now!


  3. Hi Darcy :D Was having a think about how to store my pages (while I work out how to bind them) and came up with this :D Glad your feeling better XXX

  4. Hi Darcy.
    My name is
    BEHind On A BUNch OF Stuff.

    but i am
    I am
    I YAm

    getting to my 52 pages.

    I Yam!

  5. tis' done, after I saw Gina's I thought - ah yes I am inspired...