Sunday 28 August 2011

52 pages 2011

Page 34 Tribal.

To me, the word tribal always makes me think of tattoos. I love them, either bold or delicate, I just love them. I prefer black and grey tattoos, I really don't care much for coloured ones. I would love to have a tribal tattoo on my foot one day, with the word 'explore' within it.

I started by gessoing my page. I had just got some black gesso for the first time ever. OMG it is black, I mean really,really inky black. In fact it is quite mesmerising, if the tub was bigger i would get in it for a paddle.

I drew a tribal heart with a white gelly roll pen.

then I painted this with my home made faux lumiere paint in red.

Normally at this point I would cover up the background with my main image, but I really liked this one so I just doodled the edge.

I did pretty much the same on the back, but a slightly different design, this one based on a friend's real tattoo.

Again coloured with red.

The edge doodled.

and a little text added.


  1. Stunning Darcy!!! So why haven't you had that tatoo? You could draw your own!! :D XXX

  2. That is amazing - one day my child shall be in school it would be an amazing experience to try something like this :)

  3. oooh darc, LOOOOVE what you did with this!! And very cool designs on both sides - yum.

    and I know what you mean about black gesso ~ isn't it the best? tfs.
    - vicki xo