Thursday, 3 November 2011

52 Pages 2011

Page 44. Spark.

So what sets me off, what is 'like a red rag to a bull'...

this made me think of bullfighters, which made me think of the Paso Doble...tenuous link I know.

I used to be a dancer, for years and years. I love dancing. I hate to see it messed around with.

I love watching SCD on tv, but when they prance around instead of doing proper steps it really winds me up, also I hate,hate,hate the weeks when they use props. Len is the only judge worth listening to, and when he yells severrrrrn, it makes me laugh.

I break lots of rules in arting/crafting....but there are just some things in life that should be done properly, and Ballroom dancing is one of those things.

So , I covered my page with scrapbook paper, then painted over that with faux lumiere paints. I added some dimensional paint...and was then stuck while it dried...

while waiting I drew and cut out a number '7'  and a couple of dancing silhouettes.

I added my title and the front was done.

on the back, I painted with faux lumieres..and white acrylic..

next I added some torn scrapbook paper, the same as that used on the front...

I painted over the edges of the torn paper, and then cut out and painted 2 feet. Adding more dimensional paint.

Finally writing my journalling straight onto the feet.


  1. Fantastic page Darcy!!! I too get infuriated by the prancing on SCD, though I doo apreciate when obviously poor dancers put in that extra effort(apparently to no avail!) :D XXX

  2. Here are 2 more pages for you Darcy :D XXX

  3. i am in the throes of catch up, i will not allow myself to even look at the postcards gig or anything else until my pages are done for I know I am a crap finisher - see that's my red rag to a bull - commit and then don't - flitting as soon as the going get tough! was it supposed to just be fun dagnammit?