Monday, 14 November 2011

Lil girls luv christmas...

On Friday the wonderful MANON...very generously gave us a free class over on Amy's channel.  Manon showed us how she paints her little girls, and we all had a go at them. I have to say it isn't easy arting along, trying to find the right colours, and watch and listen and type in the chat box ....but we did have a great time.

This is my lil girl from that night, so easy and lots of fun to do.

I am making an altered book along with Amy, OVER HERE...why don't you come and join us...

I tipped my lil girl into my altered book..

I wanted to make more lil girls, and decided to make some into Christmas cards. Having done the larger one in the class, it was easy peasy to do them again on a smaller scale.

The first two..

I love I made another two...

Seriously I freaking love them....two more...

uh oh...cannot resist...must make

hee hee just can't stop...

ok these are the last ones, I swear...

Why don't you go watch the class then you can make them too.

Manon will show you how to draw the face, colour it with promarkers, blend out with gesso and shade with promarkers.

I  don't think shading over gesso is a good idea with promarkers though, I have tried it before and it kills them, so I have changed these up slightly and I do my first layer with promarkers, then gesso then shading with prisma pencils.


  1. :)))))

    i do love you.


    the manon girls.
    they are very addictive.

    did you know that she is giving us another class!! on fabric!

    i'm a little drunk!

  2. Thses are stunning am I going to catch up on journal pages if I start doing these too???? :D XXX

  3. These are sooo cute! Will definitely be taking a look!

  4. These are fab Darcy, will have to watch that video.
    C xx

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  6. Sorry - that last post was me! Whoops! Anyway...I was saying...
    8 xmas cards?!? They're cool - will add it to my to-do list...

  7. Love them!! I might have a look today:)
    I need to learn how to draw lol.

  8. Fantabulous! I need to catch up on the classes! Seriously!

  9. They are fabulous Darcy - really love your girls. I particularly like the ones with wings - but then I would :)

  10. Darcy they are amazing!!!!! You have done such a great job. Totally awesome, I thought I had linked you on my blog but now I can't see you. I think I am losing my mind....It's those girls. You are there now though and a little surprise coming your way too very soon. Great to meet you girl!

  11. I am loving your Christmas girls. They are very addictive. I can hardly wait until the next class. :)

  12. Oh, I so need to catch up on the classes - these are such fun... I love all of their different personalities (and they make great cards)! I bet we'll be seeing these beauties on fabric next?


  13. These are so beautiful Darcy, I love your blog and all your art!