Tuesday 8 November 2011

Looking for Models...

You remember the Viking from THIS POST...well here he is again...

he is looking for models, but you don't have to actually 'be' a model... he has recently done a couple of paintings in a 'fairytale' style, and has been approached to make a full calender, featuring 12 paintings in this same style.

here are the 2 that he has already done.

So, do you fancy being painted in a fairytale....go to his blog...HERE...  to find out all the details of how you can take part.


  1. Darcy? Is the second one you?? These paintings are just awesome....I could pose for princess fiona(ogre stylie) :D XXX

  2. Yeah and I reckon I'd pass as the Beast in Beauty and the beast :D These paintings are fabulous - he's so talented!

  3. They are brill Darcy...I was thinking the second one was you as well...xx

  4. holy crap...nooo it isn't me hahahaha I wish I looked that good!

  5. Gosh they look wonderful don't they but I am no model lol