Saturday, 17 December 2011

Postcard Challenge 2012

In the INTRODUCTION POST I showed you the book that I had made to hold my postcards, I also mentioned a link to a ustream show, hosted by my good friend Dede, in which she shows how to make a book from file folders.

Her show is HERE.

All you need is 14 cardstock folders, available from Staples. To have enough pockets for 52 postcards you will need to use 13 for the pages and 1 for the cover.

I thought I would give it a go to see how easy it is...and oh my it is sooooo easy, and totally perfect for our postcard project.

here it is, you can see I used Kraft folders, you could use any colour.

There is no glueing, sticking or sewing involved. The pages are merely held in place with a piece of string/perle cotton/crochet cotton/ribbon whatever you want to use. It is wrapped over the page and around the spine. You can see I tied all my cotton ends off and added a bead.

Inside you can see all the folded folders, you can use folders that have tabs on or not, again it is up to you. I think it adds interest.

The postcards fit in perfectly...

The best thing about using string or ribbon to hold these pages in, is that if you need to for any reaso, you can slip in another page.

Here you can see I cut a page from an old map, and just slipped it in under the string inside the book.

Here is a close up, you can see the string, it is fairly tight, but slipping a page under it is no problem.

I did strengthen the cover by putting a piece of thicker cardboard inside.

I can't wait to see what books you buy or make for this project.


  1. Here is mine;

  2. Love those file folders and what a neat way to make the book, I spent the afternoon with three friends who are all joining me, joining you on this fab postcard journey, we did lots of talking and plannning but nothing made as yet ( although we did get the postcards cut) can't wait for the challenge to begin xxx

  3. I love what you did with the cotton! Dede used rubber bands for hers, but then she's taking them out all the time. I might have to steal your bead idea. ;)

    Oohh and I have such a great idea for my characters, I'm about to burst. But I can't say anything, because it will get revealed throughout the year. Or maybe not.. Oh I don't know yet. I'm just very very very excited about this. Roll on 2012!

  4. I have a book ready, but no pics posted yet..excited!
    P.S. Using rubber bands is my temporary way of holding the folders until they are done.

  5. Joining the Flickr group, may be challenged to add the button to my blog!

  6. I would like to play along, here's my book for the postcards

  7. Looking forward to the fun:0) I am one of Tracey's friends who will be joining you. Still haven't made my book yet but have a mental note for Tuesday ;0)