Sunday 18 December 2011

So tonight I had a skype session with the crazy girl Amy, she wanted to make the folder book that I showed 2 posts back. So I talked her thru it, and while she measured and folded and stuck...and and ran back and forth hunting for maroon string..

I made this... it is totally made on the same design principle as the folder book, but for this I used 12 x12 scrapbook papers. Of course not being as long as a folder, you can only make one fold ,creating 2 pockets..instead of the double fold that makes 4 pockets.

I had this xmas papers in a box, god only knows how long they have been there, so I thought I would use them up.

I only had 6 sheets, so to bulk it out I made anther 4 pages using plain Bazzill.

I used a different brand  of paper for the cover...and strung the pages in with red perle cotton.

I braided the loose strings and added a xmas tree button.

I have plenty of leftover patterned strips that I can use to make tags and cards to slot into the inside pockets.


  1. Way to go! using up old you just have to dig out those old chrismas photos and you have a tag photo journal :D XXX

  2. Liking this and making one to use up some unneeded stash.

  3. Hi Darcy love your blog and have added u to my google reader , this is a great idea thanks for sharing ...

    hugz bev

  4. Hi Darcy - really looking forward to the Postcard Challenge and have made my book - it's here

    Your Christmas book is great - might have a go at one of these too !!

    Esther xx