Friday, 23 December 2011


First off make truffles..use THIS RECIPE that I posted last year. Depending on how big you make them you end up with between 70 and 90 truffles. you have a mega ton of truffles now, right! could just eat them all, and they are super yummy so why wouldn't you...

or you could give some to your neighbours, think of it not as Christmas cheer, but more as a way of saving your waistline.

A couple years ago my lovely friend KIRSTY gave me a home made mince pie in a really cute lil box, obv I saved the box and took it apart to make a template for it. So this is totally not my idea..but this is how i made mine...

Cut some medium weight cardstock. 11inches by 6inches.

score 1 inch in from the edge on all four sides...

 then score 2 lines 1 inch apart across the middle, (so 1 at 5inches and 1 at 6 inches measuring from one end)

my card was plain white..

make a 1 inch cut on the 4 score marks on each of the long edges.

I glued some shimmery copper paper to the outside of my box, just don't have to..

Fold the cut tabs to the inside and secure with double sided tape or glue dots.

You now have a little box with a joined lid.

here they are folded and closed.. they measure 4inches x 4inches now, and they are 1 inch deep.

Cut or punch some scalloped circles, and some holly leaves and berries..

Attach the leaves and berries to the circle, i flipped one of the leaves over on each one, as my paper is dark on one side and I liked the contrast. Add your message...

Attach them to the boxes, so they are half on and half off...

and finally fill with truffles, you can fit 9 truffles in each box...

as for the cloth that is on my coffee table..i made that years ago using Hardanger Embroidery.


  1. Very cute...and yummy, too!
    Merry Christmas!


  2. Fabulous!!!! I wish I had everything on hand to make these right now lol not sure I will have time tomorrow :(

  3. These look brilliant Darcy...have a great Christmas..

  4. What great presents - they look gorgeous :) Have a super Christmas.

  5. Scrumptious gift Darcy :D My eldest niece made some for her gran this christmas...she is a total barbie and it was so special that she had made her own presents this year :D XXX

  6. Delicious gift and so beautifully presented