Monday, 2 January 2012

Postcard Challenge 2012

Drum rollllllll.......

perhaps a small fanfare....

The first country is...


So off you go to your craft spaces, run,run,run...go make your postcards. You have until the weekend.

Begin your characters conversations...

what will they say to each other?

Don't worry about what the story should be, or how it will develop rather let it happen by itself, enjoy the week by week meandering, listen to the flashes of inspiration that prod and poke you into different directions. This journey should be full of surprise and discovery and not fully known ahead of time.

Above all, don't worry about whether it is right or wrong, good or bad...just dive right in.

Do not post your cards before Friday..

On Friday I will show you my card front and back, in that post I will include a Mr.Linky widget thingie, so you can link up when your card is done.  Just put your name and a link to where your card can be found, either on your own blog or on the Flickr group.

Keep visiting here from Friday to Sunday to blog hop around and see all the cards.

on Sunday evening I will randomly draw 3 names from the people that have joined in and linked up, those 3 people will receive a lil packet of postage stamps from me. Also some air mail stickers and some photo corners to try out.The stamps will correspond with some of the countries that we will visit.

If you wish to use stamps on your cards, and don't have any then

take a look here... they are free collage sheets that you can print out.


  1. Guess who was awake to come and look after all! Now what to do? Stay in bed and rest or start making my postcard? Decisions decisions! Happy rating everyone! See you Friday for posting!

  2. Yay!!!! I am so looking forward to this:0).

    As soon as my man flu has gone I will be starting my postcard:0)

    Thank you for a great challenge.

  3. Cool! Don't know ANYTHING about Austia haha! This is going to be such a learning experience :D
    Thanks for the link to the collagesheets :D XXX

  4. Wahoo were off and Austria sounds pretty cool (or cold)to me. This all sounds so much fun ... love it.

    Hugs Shirley x x

  5. yipee, unfortunately I have no time until next weekend (work dagnamit), never mind, I shall dutifully bring up the rear so to speak...


  6. wahooooooo! Austria, how awesome, thanks Darcy :)

  7. Briliant - off to google Austria !! WOW I'm gonna learn so much ! xx

  8. My Book is done, the blog link is up and I am so ready to begin!

  9. Yayyy and off we go, have no idea whasoever what I am going to do but hey who cares - gonna wing it lol, thanks Darcy - Austria here we come ! xxx

  10. Oh, yay!! You started with my neighbours. :)) Let's see. Heidi, mountains, mozart, skiing, Klimt!!, wiener schnitzel and beer. :)) I think I can whip something up. :))

  11. Ah the land of Arni lol..

  12. They serve some good beer over there. I am packing my case.

  13. Hi Darcy, can I ask a question please? I haven't been able to get to see a copy of the book that's inspired this challenge therefore I was wondering do the addresses of the two characters keep changing according to the last location they visited or do they have two 'home' locations where the postcards are sent each time?

  14. Hi Darcy..
    Sorry to trouble you, but I have been having problems with my blog, (Iam new at this game.a silver surfer lol.)I have now changed it so can you delete me from the previous list and add me again, and I hope it will take you to my blog..
    Thanks again for your trouble, so looking forward to doing this challenge....

  15. Woohoo, I love Austria, what a great start!