Monday, 30 January 2012

Postcard Challenge 2012

Here we are again, week 5. Last week saw some fabulous cards, great twists in story-lines and a wealth of information about China.

We also came to the end of the first month, and as such i decided to have an end of month giveaway, scroll down and have a look in yesterdays post to see the little competition and to place your vote.

So where shall we go this week..hmmmm

ooh la la...

let's go to FRANCE

See you back here on Friday to link up ...the winning January card will be announced on Sunday.

Mister Linky is still active, so if you haven't linked up your China cards then you still have time.


  1. Oh I haVE a pre-plan for France, glad it has shown up. Got a bit bogged down with reality last week (don't you just hate when it gets in the way....) I shall double post this week in a bonanza response!

  2. Oh a surprise, our guess was somewhere in Africa !! A xx

  3. Ha just got back from Paris!!!

    I have about 20 'real' postcards to choose from!

    posted my China card yesterday - the timed link thing just did na work,,,I am away again this weekend, so will post my france card when I get back next week, I suspect from here on in I'll struggle to be around in the right time frame to link in ...never mind...will join in the hop around whenever I can...

  4. Am going to try and do a catch up this week. I have the last 2 backs done but not the fronts :(

  5. I love France x cannot wait for this card!

  6. France here: