Monday 20 February 2012

Postcard Challenge 2012

week 8..where shall we fly off to today...

Last week saw us travelling the beautiful countryside of Wales, exploring ruins, picking daffodils and avoiding sheep. Wonderful cards.

also last week saw me meeting up with 2 of you delicious postcard people..


We were also joined by the gorgeous CLARE...much laughter, many purchases...and lots of cake. Fabulous day.

So have I kept you in suspense long enough ..huh?


This week we are off to


blimey what can we get up to over there I wonder?

Pop back on Friday and link up your cards. Oh and watch out for an end of month giveaway on Sunday!!!


  1. CUBA!!! I'm guessing we need the warm climbs again, love Wales but it isn't renowned for it's sunshine lol :D

  2. Cuba? Doesn't really ring a bell... Should be fun!

    I'm wondering if the other participants could turn off the word verification-thingy? Blogger changed something and it's two long weird words now with punctuations and it's taking me ages to reply to all the lovely cards. I really like to reply but I do have a busy family life and am tempted to give up on it...
    Sorry for asking, just hope some of you will help me! :)

    1. I, too, had a heck of a time with the two word verifications at times because some of them were almost unreadable. I had to do a bunch of them several times, and one even four times. I knew it had changed, but thought my eyes were bad, too.