Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Birthday box

Last week was my stepfathers birthday, as we weren't going to get to see him, I needed to make something light that I could post to him.

I decided on a box of drawers. I loosely followed this video..

Box of Drawers

This is the basic construction, the sides that open out to reveal drawers and the lid.

next I made little cards to go in the drawers..

I fastened each card onto a square bar of chocolate..

Then I glued a strip of card around the bottom of each of the four sides..I then made 4 voucher holders/envelopes..each one slots into the decorative edge of the card strip.

As I had put heavy chocolate inside, I wanted it to be a little more sturdy, so I added a thicker piece of card underneath the bottom drawer, and I added eyelets and string to keep it fastened.

I decorated the envelopes and popped a vouchers inside each one.

In the man envelope a bookshop voucher in the violin envelope a music shop voucher, in the coffee pot envelope a starbucks voucher and in the wine glasses a voucher to buy a bottle of wine.

They slip into the sides, and are held in by the lid.

Finally I decorated the lid. He is a big fan of vintage aeroplanes...so I cut some and mounted them on acetate to make them springy, then attached them to 'some clouds'

It was all well received.


  1. All I can say is "wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  2. WOW What an amazing BD gift!! Love the images used for the vouchers too...

  3. Such impressive creativity...loving your paper arts...such a thoughtful gift indeed. aloha!

  4. Holy crap - are you kidding me???? That is beyond awesome.

  5. More than impressed!!!! how did you get it in the post box lol :D XXX

  6. Wow, very impressive! ♥
    That makes up very well for not being able to attend a birthday!!! :)

  7. WOW - that is such a fantastic and personalised gift! No wonder it was well received.

  8. This is the coolest!! What a great gift! Lucky man.

  9. Oh wow Darcy this is brill... So unique and creative. Bet he was made up big style!

  10. Gorgeous, and a lovely idea to send such a clever present.