Monday, 5 March 2012

Postcard Challenge 2012

week 10.

How much fun was Switzerland...lots of gorgeous scenery and chocolate.

Still plenty of time to link up, the mister linky will be there till Thursday.

See previous post for February's winner.

So where to this week...

this country has 6 times zones...yes really has the longest street in the world, and the longest coastline...

it has a HUGE number of lakes...and the sexiest looking police uniforms..

it is of course ..


See you back here on Friday, have a great week everybody.x


  1. Doh! Hubby said Canada :S Cool! :D XXX

  2. Cool! Looking forward to finding out more about Canada!

  3. lol <3 it hummmm need my muse <3

  4. Welcome to my place . I am looking forward to seeing what everyone gets inspired by in this vast country I call home.

  5. NO FAIR Darcy -the swimsuit threw me off- Canada is not what I would consider a swim suit type of place BUT- this one I already know where I'm going too... So now comes the doodling & creating.

    1. ha! I just said it had a lot of water...which it does lol I am sure some of the lakes are swimmable lol

  6. Hehe woot I'm home, this should be easy but so many things come to mind. I loved reading the little facts you posted and that longest street goes right through my town ;) in fact they just installed an overpass over it and a second one is being built ;) hmm what to come up with is the challenge...