Monday, 5 March 2012

Circle Journal

A few weeks ago the lovely CLARE asked me to do a page in her journal. I didn't have time to work on it straight away, but last week I finally got started.

When I met Clare, she gave me some old paper that had building plans on it, so I started with that, by adding it to the journal pages.

I then added some ink and paint thru some sequin waste.

next I added a narrow page/flap in the middle, and drew a face on the left side.. and some hearts along the top.

I continued the hearts across the top of the other page, and added more to the face.

I then added some little flowers, and finished her wings..

On the back of the flap I added some doodling..

Next I added some ribbons to the edge of the flap and some text .

and finally some more text on the back of the flap and on the second page.

I really enjoyed working in this journal, thankyou Clare for asking me.


  1. Thanks so much for playing in my journal I love it so much!

  2. Oh I want you to 'play in my journal too' - Once again Super Duber Fanastic job Darcy!!

  3. so tres jolie! magnifique...happy, happy page...especially loving the wings...aloha.

  4. ooow that is sooooo pretty Darcy...and after watching Rammstein too lol :D XXX

  5. gorgeous colours, i'm trying to work out how I incorporate the face you made me, the blue prints she gave me and the wagamama serviette...

    oh and the tea bag packaging that has mysteriously gorn missing...

  6. oh fooie-did I post in the wrong area? typical! but you know that wherever I posted, I LOVE your work, Darcy!