Monday, 12 March 2012

postcard challenge

week 11.

Apologies for not visiting and leaving comments on your Canada pages. My laptop committed suicide and is in the shop, happened less than 10 mins after I made the blog post on Friday. I am hoping to hear from the shop on Weds, but no idea when I will get it back. I hope to visit some pages before this Friday.

So onto this week, where oh where shall we go?

Well it's back over the oceans to Europe, this week we are going to be purchasing some odd looking footwear and dancing in the streets of ...

The Netherlands...

See you back here (hopefully) on Friday.


  1. Hope your puter is better soon :)*makes note, poke viking for info on Netherlands* XXX

    1. info on holland huh..boy with finger in dyke, men in white carrying cheese wheels, gp parade, queens day, VOC, biggest harbour in the world, Rotterdam, Urasmus,Ann Frank,..yeah

    2. They have Guinea Pig parades in Holland ? :S

  2. Yay, are you all coming by to visit me too while you're here??? :)
    Now I'm wondering if I should let Emily visit Broes this week...
    Darcy, hope your comper is back soon! Although it does give a lot of time to craft... ;)

  3. Bahati may be by to visit you, Sandra... I heard he spent some time in Paris, trying to pick up Jarrod's trail. I'm thinking he'll want a friendly face as he travels on... I'll pass along your invitation.

    Abby (in Bahati's behalf...)

  4. Netherlands here I come!

    I'm sure your Lap will be fine'age <3 hang in there & look at this way You have been granted a bit more of time to ART :-)... guilt free even <3

  5. Hope your computer is better soon. Yippee, the Netherlands, I'm lucky to have visited this beautiful country, tried on their amazing clogs, my hubby even bought me a diamond ring for a special anniversary. Marvellous memories. Thanks Darcy.

  6. Holland, Netherlands? Same thing? Um....guess I'll look it up on Wikipedia. All I know is that people from my world (California) go to Amsterdam to party. Yawn.