Tuesday, 24 April 2012

birthday card

I made this card this week ...

This is the front of the card..

and here is how I made the INSIDES...

First I made a multi layered platform..

I then cut a vase shape which I decorated with doodling and a punched edge.

I cut lots and lots of leaves and flowers from Basic Grey, and started to attach them to the 3 layered platform, plus some on the background.. I doodled around the edges of the flowers and leaves..

I then decided the background was too plain, and carefully peeled everything from the card. Took a fresh card and added a vellum background, before reattaching the platforms and flowers.

I wrapped the flowers in a little coloured tissue paper and added the bow around all 3 layers.

It took all evening lol it was very fiddly to cut everything out, but it turned out ok I think.

It does fold flat...ish...well enough to still fit in the envelope, though a little bulky.


  1. This is so absolutely gorgeous!!! You are so patient to make this happen and I'm sure the recipient will be floored!

  2. Stunning work as usual darcy. Love it. C xxx

  3. That is WICKED!!!!!! Gorgeous flowers :D XXX

  4. This looks like it took a long time to make, 3D is such a cool element.

  5. Gorgeous card, looks like lots of hard work. A real wow! card! Valerie