Friday, 6 April 2012

Postcard Challenge 2012

Week 14 Singapore...

Jeez this was by far the worst week so far for me. I changed my mind so many times and hated everything I did. I hope you had better luck than me.

I still hate what i ended up with, but life is too short to worry about it, so i called it done...

The page in the book...collaged squares, stencilling and some fabric cars..

the card in the envelope..

Front of the card, quick sketch...and I do mean quick, cos I was totally fed up by this point...patterned tape around the edges and fabric flags.

Back of the card...Charlie is on the trail of the combination for the briefcase..


As this is Easter weekend, many of you may not be around on Monday, so I have decided to reveal the next country today.

We are off to ICELAND...

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  1. Lovely work on your postcard & page. Iceland sounds enthralling....Have a nice Easter weekend! Valerie

  2. Yay, glad you're up early! I'm off on a day out to a fabric-market today with a handful of my crafty friends.
    I really like your page and card this week! You did well!!! ♥
    Looking forward to Iceland, really have no idea what to do with that one but inspiration will come somewhere next week, I hope... :)

  3. Like the chequered page and your sketch, funny how some weeks feel so much harder but it is not obvious to others. Thanks for Iceland heads up am off to Cornwall now for the long weekend. Happy Easter
    Jen x

  4. Love the Grand Prix theme for your entry. I like it - very vibrant and different from previous weeks. It is good to have a change! Thanks for Iceland as I am on holiday next week. Can get cracking.

    Janet xx

  5. a great card.. love your page for it. Have a lovely week-end......

  6. Your entry turned out well, Darcy...I had the same kind of feelings you did towards my card this week...wasn't happy with anything I did...finally I just gave up! This was definitely NOT my best work for the Postcard Challenge 2012... sorry! I look forward to Iceland...
    Wishing you a happy Easter and some gentle fun from the Easter Bunny!!
    xo, abby

  7. yoo hoo

    yep still here, I did do last week but had no time to visit so didn't linkup, but back this week and I have time to visit so here I go..

    sorry you is unhappy with yours this week,I think it;s kinda groovy

    dxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (hmmm that might be more of a song than a kiss)

    happy easter

  8. snog not song

    God I'm hopelessly mad

  9. School hols and sick kids mean I am going to be late this week, might have to double up next week. Sorry for not getting to visit everyone last week :S
    Love your page and card Darcy, great idea! :D XXX

  10. Darcy I think you page and card turned out really well. Shoot I'm just impressed you could draw a car like that. Happy Easter.

  11. Sweet! Love your car ... RL is what it takes to experience being human <3

    Thanks for the heads up on Iceland...

    happy Easter Weekend <3

  12. I love what you decided on! Great colours and fab sketch.
    I also struggled this week, I went there years ago and still have loads of memories but couldn't decide what to do with any of them! Perhaps it's excessive chocolate that's making me go slow...
    Happy hols!


  13. Think I"m going to make my FLower Tree (that's now my book page) into my postcard and do something else for the book page...more colorful!!
    Just wanted you to know...


  14. You're crazy! I think your page is colorful and great. And you did an amazing job on your car. I keep making the cards, but as yet no pages. They are sitting in a pile. Going to have to work on that! :)

  15. VROOM, VROOM!!!
    Love your idea!!!
    Happy easter!
    Looking forward to exploring Iceland and I will take a warm coat!!!!!!!

  16. Well I think it's cool! I have definitely found some weeks harder than others. This week I just couldn't get Manhatten Transfer singing 'on a little street in Singapore' out of my head!

  17. I love that your stamp fits your car theme (I love little details like that!) I would have never come up with car racing for Singapore because I rely on quick browsing Google. haha. Great theme and well done!

  18. I think your card turned out well. Thank you for posting next weeks destination early.

  19. Love your racing car !!! And it's so clever how it fits in the cover.
    Thanks for giving us the next country early. I don't have to miss a week now. A xx

  20. Great postcard, Darcy! And I always admire your book pages. I really need to catch up. :) Happy Easter! :)

  21. Okay I'm definitely late on posting this but here's my Singapore card- Will be posting Iceland Sat.