Friday, 20 April 2012

Postcard Challenge 2012

week 16 Romania..

 buna dimineata, ce mai faci?

This country is a favourite of mine, I would dearly love to go there. Not just for the Dracula legends, but also for the scenery and the people.

One of my lovliest friends is Romanian. This is us a couple of Christmasses ago..

Because of him I started to learn to speak and read Romanian.. These are my books..

last time he went home, he brought me some postcards and bits back..

Occasionally I order food and beer from this romanian supermarket.

My friend lent a recipe book to me, and I made the Romanian rhubarb cake, you can see it and the recipe here...

Although I am not a fan of dance music, I do quite like it when it's in Romanian, and actually learning songs is a great way to learn a language. I often drive my household to distraction by singing along in Romanian lol My favourite group from over there is DJ Project.

DJ Project.. <---video

So onto my card. The Romanians love to give painted eggs at Easter, and as we have just had Easter, I thought it would be appropriate.

Romanians believe that painted eggs bring luck and protect their homes against demons and unholy spirits. The shells of the Easter eggs are blessed, they should not be thrown away, but sprinkled over the soil in gardens to provide for fertility and richer crops.

and the back..

and the page, I used the colours of the flag, over which I stuck a romanian beer label and bottle cap. I then added a poem in romanian. The owl and the Pussycat, not an original romanian poem I know, but it was one of the things I read when first learning some of the language.

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Pe Curand...


  1. Love all you have shown about Romania. It is a beautiful country, even if my Jason was not in a condition to appreciate it. Valerie

  2. Who would have guessed that you speak Romanian!

    Great card. The eggs are beautiful. I do love all the things we find out about each country every week. Genius idea.

  3. You obviously love this one. Love the eggs and well done speaking the language.
    Jen x

  4. What a fabulous language to they still speak Latin? or is there a modern Romanian language?(will be checking out Rhubarb cake!!!)

    1. it is one of the Romance languages which were all derived from Latin, there were many but only around 6 remain now, one being Romanian. Like most other languages it has had lots of influences, slavic,greek and lately english. i don't know a great deal about Latin, but from what I know romanian has simplified some of the tenses.....though you wouldnt think so, because romanian is a ridiculously difficult language to learn. Even my romanian friends think it is difficult.

  5. What a great language to learn !! Love your eggs. A xx

  6. Thanks for sharing all your fun Romania stuff with us.

  7. how cool - love it! ya know if this card was a flop (IMO) my next plan was the eggs...I so love your's (eggs) that I'm glad I didn't go there. Thanks for all you do <3

  8. Beautiful card, Darcy...this one really hits home for you...NICE!!


  9. Lovely Easter eggs and thank you for telling us about your Romanian attachments. Very impressed how you have learned to speak the language. Super.

    Janet xx

  10. I love your eggs! And especially how they spread them across the garden. We mostly throw the shells back into the chicken coop since it's good for them to eat chalk, it makes better shells on their eggs... Hm, my translation sounds a bit off here but I guess you know what I mean!
    Good to hear so many fond memories from you!!! :)

  11. I can see why you love the country-- I have a soft spot for it too and I know next to nothing about it. I think it's the fact that the country is 89% Eastern Orthodox (the church I grew up in). I would love to visit Romania! Are you planning a trip soon? :)

    I also grew up with the tradition of decorated eggs- it's a slavic thing. I am only a Thompson by marriage. heehee.

  12. lovely postcard and your page, great colours..

  13. Love your eggs!!!!
    I did some for my card too!!!
    I am so enjoying my trips!!!
    Thank you!!

  14. Love the eggs. I enjoyed my brief tour through this country this week. I am impressed that you are learning the language.

  15. Wow what a wonder you are lovely Darcy ... Romanian! Who would have known!

  16. Love your painted eggs, a great idea for Romania. Cheers

  17. Gorgeous painted eggs. I think it's rather cool that you have acess to a Romanian supermarket. Where we live, you definately don't find places like that. You would have to travel several hours just to find an asian market.

  18. Beautiful eggs, that's such a lovely tradition. How fantastic that you can speak some Romanian, Wow!


  19. Great postcard, Darcy! :) Love the photos, too.

  20. Whew! I'm late but I'm here! Spent the week seeing colleges with my daughter. 5 schools in 5 days! Can't wait to head out to see this weeks cards. Love the eggs, Darcy!

  21. Took almost all day to get my blo to work right so I could load this weeks card-- Go check it out!

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