Saturday 14 April 2012

Postcard Challenge 2012

Do you want the new country a little early???

Week 16...

we shall take ourselves off to the land of vampires....

the birthplace of the legend of Dracula...


See you all on Friday. x


  1. AWESOME!!!!!....having fits imagining what trouble Effie will get into in a haunted castle :D XXX

    1. and in her condition too..... (would it be inappropriate to mention virgins?!).

  2. Woohoo I'm glad I checked in today, thank you

  3. Not sure what made me just check early.

    I like finding out early. And glad I bought a pencil sharpener. How could I not have one!

    (err I have 3 in my drawer at work but only use clicky pencils) go figure!

  4. WOW Romania - I posted my Iceland card (Singapore was posted earlier) today - So maybe while I'm in a creative mood I should work on that next...

  5. OOO vamp o'lisious

    thank you so much for the early thoughts

  6. Well, I just checked in today, but then I have just got round to finishing my Icelandic card and Hermione has been in trouble at school. So whilst I'm in the mood I'm off to check up on Romania, another country I know so little about, I am finding out how ignorant I was at the beginning of this quest. I hope your planning on something else for next year.Caz