Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Art journal

Time for another journal page, this one like the last was inspired by the TEE show..

much hilarity throughout the show, which resulted in a challenge..

What does Paddington keep in his suitcase???

Could be anything right, I mean a bear that eats marmalade sammiches has got to be a bit dodgey...

So I began by thinking about where would he go??? Well of course there is only one place in London that he could go,  Paddington Underground station of course..

I painted and marked out the page to look like the walls of the tube stations..

then added some stencilling, and of course the name of the station..

With his name on the wall he thinks he has every right to be there, so he sets up and begins to play....

But what he doesn't know, is that 'busking' requires a license...

( buskers are street musicians, and in London you have to have a license to be able to perform)

So he is merrily playing, oblivious to the fact that he is under the watchful eye of a  policeman!!!

However, Paddington is just thrilled that some little old lady popped a load of coins into his case, along with a very sparkly crown. Marvellous! thinks Paddington, he can wear that for the Christmas party..

She must have really enjoyed his music. He didn't really catch her name, but thought it might have been Liz..


  1. That's bloody brilliant, that is!!

  2. Great pages, what a lot of fun. Hugs lin

  3. Really Cool page! So much fun and I really love the story behind it! :) That background is rad!

  4. Darcy you are amazing *mock bowing* We're not worthy We're not worthy! LOL GREAT page and story and paddington and who knew he had the crown jewels in there. Tsk tsk paddy

  5. Love this :D Naughty Paddington - though didn't he go through a phase of liking Marmite sarnies? Mmmmm, can't fault him there.

  6. My son and I have just read about 5 Paddington books. We are such fans!